Modern equipment installed in our facility allows us to perform the most complex assembly and soldering operations with unrivaled accuracy and reliability. We offer automated soldering (DIP, SMT) and hand soldering, as well as single and double sided assembly
Advanced Manufacturing
Wireless Humidity Sensor
Smart Home control panel
Motion Sensor
Electronic Distribution Box
Glucose Meter
TV smart box
From your idea to schematic drawing and to first prototype – we will support you in everything, from beginning to end. Our engineering team will review your project and will suggest the best solutions, and our sourcing team will evaluate your project costs
Why choose Finplus
Project Support
At Finplus we know all the difficulties of bringing project from idea to implementation. It could be hard to make a design or PCB schematic, but it could be even harder to find the components for assembly. We have dedicated sourcing team with procurement channels all across the world to ensure you will get what you need to get your order in time
Hard-to-find parts sourcing
We strive to be the best in the market and provide our customers with the best service. Turning to us, you can be sure that you will not lose a lot of your time. We perform a quick assessment of your project documentation, as well as quick BOM quotation
Quick response time
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